Thursday 13 - Saturday
15 June 2019
A Tallaght Community Arts Programme

Participating Groups

Deansrath Community College


 We were delighted to work with 4th year students from Deansrath Community College. Students worked with rope artist Gabriella McGrath and dramaturg Jenny Macdonald. They created over 30 metres of rope to represent their school. Based in Clondalkin, Deansrath Community College was established over 30 years ago and since then has been at the heart of the community.  

Intercultural Drop In Centre, Tallaght


The Intercultural Drop-in centre aims to address integration needs of migrants living in the Tallaght area. Established in 2003, it is a first point of contact and support for individuals and families from new communities moving into the Tallaght area. The centre provides a safe environment for people to meet. It supports them in making links with local organisations and services, and provides English language tuition to facilitate participation in Irish society.

Mother Tongues



We were delighted to be part of the Mother Tongues Festival Tallaght 2019. We provided rope making workshops for patrons of the festival. 

MOTHER TONGUES is a not for profit organization that aims to raise awareness of the benefits and challenges associated with bilingualism.They provide advice and support for parents, education professionals, health care professionals, businesses and for anyone working in multilingual environments. Since Mother Tongues was founded in 2017 they have beeb involved with more than 1000 people in their educational and creative programmes in over 20 different languages.   

Firhouse Community College



Tranisition year art students from Firhouse Community College made over 30 metres of rope to represent their school. The College has an integrated TY programme since 1986 and is a national leader in this area. Firhouse Community College is an inclusive, thriving, vibrant, caring community, where teaching and learning are at the core.   The college offers excellent modern facilities, a wide ranging curriculum and a very broad and exciting extra-curricular programme.

Priory Youth Reach


 Priory Youthreach offers a supportive and structured education programme which develops the potential of young people in a safe, enjoyable and caring environment. Student worked with artist Tony Fegan and Jennifer Webster to create 30 metres of rope to represent their vibrant centre. Youthreach is a Department of Education and Skills official education, training and work experience programme for early school leavers aged 15 – 20. It offers young people the opportunity to identify options within adult life, and provides them with opportunities to acquire certification.  

Women Together Tallaght Network


 Women Together Tallaght Network is a network which encourages women and womens groups from Tallaght and surrounding areas to come together to support, share information and skills in order to empower women to have a voice on womens issues and policy. The activities of Women Together Tallaght Network include Open Meetings, Courses, Information Seminars and Group Management Support 

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Dominic’s Community Centre services 3,478 houses/housing units in the St Dominic’s Parish of Tallaght which includes the estates of Old Bawn Road, St Mealruains, Mountain Park, Millbrook Lawns, St Dominic’s, Avonbeg, Bolbrook, Avonmore, Homelawns, Bawnville and Seskin View. The Centre is managed by a voluntary management committee consisting of representatives from the local community, and representatives from statutory, and local support agencies including South Dublin County Council, Tallaght Youth Services and the South Dublin County Partnership.

The crochet group meet every Monday and Tuesday and they made over 60 metre of crocheted rope to represent their group and centre

St. Marys National School



Students from 3rd class made over 30 metres of rope to represent St. Marys National School. St. Marys National School is based in Tallaght Village. Their section of the rope will begin The Great Rope of Tallaght. St. Mary’s aims to create an inclusive, respectful, safe, caring and happy environment in which all children will be enabled to reach their full potential. Their aim is to create a school which is a happy, fulfilling place for children, full of friendship and learning..

St. Martin de Porres National School



St. Martin de Porres N.S. is based in Aylesbury, Tallaght. It is a caring learning environment where children of all race and religion are cherished and encouraged to reach their full potential. The school seeks to involve and ensure that all members of the school community work in partnership to ensure the full development of each child. The school strives to provide an education that reflects Ireland in the 21st century by supporting the academic, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the children using a child-centred, holistic approach..

The Intercultural Centre Clondalkin



The Intercultural Centre has been open to the public since March 2008. The Centre runs different programmes related to its overall aim of promoting and supporting migrant integration and interculturalism locally. Areas of work; building the capacity of the immigrants to integrate and participate fully in Irish society. 

Developing activities and actions which promote dynamic interaction and intercultural dialogue between members of immigrant and Irish communities. The centre also creates volunteer opportunities for members of Irish and immigrant communities to increase their participation in the life of the local community.

The Crafty Chatters


 The Crafty Chatters are a group of keen crafters that meet  in the Small Hall of St Maelruains Parish Centre,Main St., Tallaght Village on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday evenings. 

They encourage their participants to come along with whatever craft they are working on, have a cuppa and a chat. We were delighted they could be part of our project.

DoubleTAKE Supported Arts Studio


 DoubleTAKE Supported Arts Studio - As a core programme of T.C.A DoubleTAKE Supported Arts studio is an inclusive arts facility which seeks to develop & support adults of all abilities, levels & experience to cultivate their creativity through and in the arts.
Now in it`s 9th year, the studio has a vibrant membership of over 90 creative individuals attending the studio on a weekly basis.
Kicking off the first of the Saturday studio Rope making workshops, DoubleTAKE Artists worked with Sharon & Caroline, who were also assisted by Teresa G. & Theresa R. The Rope making workshops were also held during the week to open up the opportunity of participating to all the studio members.
Over 60 mts of Rope were created during these workshops and many wonderful stories were collected. 

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 Enable Ireland Tallaght - Having previously collaborated with Enable Ireland Tallaght on Pilot Art workshops for Children & Young people, we were delighted to welcome back the young people and their families to work with us once again.
The young artists took to the Rope making process immediately and the studio was a hive of activity.
Enable Ireland Tallaght is one of 4 children`s services in the Eastern part of the country and started delivering services for children in the area in 1994. The service provides therapy and support for children and young people with a physical disability. The service is focussed on how they can support children to become as independent as possible and take a full part in their schools and community. 

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 Sensory Fun with Friends - Sensory Fun With Friends is a parent led group that provides a diverse range of fun activities for children with Sensory needs. It was created by local parents Lynn Byrne, Eileen Birchall & Leone Mc Carney in response to a lack of activities that all of the siblings within a family could do together.
They are a non profit group that organises activities and events for children & teens with complex needs & their friends and family.
Having worked with some of the family groups from Sensory Fun with Friends during our Lantern making workshops during Nov `18, we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with them once again.
After the first rope making workshop, the mammies and children were creating Rope at an astounding level. Sharo & Caroline will continue to work with this group through to the end of the Rope making sessions.

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